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Certificates and Reports

We work on TurboTechnics machines.  Turbo Technics is an English company operating in the turbocharger production and regeneration market. It has a unique influence on the creation and development of turbines through their design and care for the highest quality of workmanship.

The company has existed since 1981, so over 35 years of experience of specialists in this field is its undoubted advantage. Our machines can accelerate the rotor up to 300,000 rpm, which after balancing ensures not only quiet operation of the turbine, but also its longer life. The key features of the device are: simplicity, accuracy and very low air consumption (it uses up to 75% less compared to the competition). Turbo Technics machines are recognized by the industry as the global standard for modern turbocharger balancing methods. Leading manufacturers Garrett, Holset, KKK and IHI fully approve balancing on Turbo Technics machines.

Turbo Technics is a brand that provides prestige and a guarantee of a top-class product.

For each turbocharger, the customer, in addition to a one-year written warranty, receives from us reports on the high-speed balancer, and when the turbine has a variable geometry, the customer also receives a report  from the calibration of this geometry variable. Attention!!! Every professional company dealing with the regeneration of turbochargers issues such reports. This means that the turbocharger has passed the tests under simulated conditions - corresponding to those with which it will be in the car. Positive tests are a guarantee of durability, as well as the certainty that the turbocharger will "whistle" if not installed on the car. 

We also repair the electric controller for Turbochargers.

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