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Where To Find The Turbocharger Number?

Before you call us, it is worth preparing the number of the turbocharger first. This will make it easier to determine the availability and price of the turbine.

Where can you find that number?

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How to take care of the turbocharger?

More and more cars are turbocharged. Thanks to them, our car is more ecological, economical and dynamic at the same time. In order to take advantage of these privileges, however, we must remember that as users of cars with a turbocharger, we are obliged to follow certain rules.

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Turbocharger regeneration process

After disassembling the turbine, each element is subjected to:

washing with ultrasound as well as glass blasting and sandblasting.
As a result, after the completion of the regeneration process, it gains its original appearance.

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Certificates and Reports

We work on TurboTechnics machines.  Turbo Technics is an English company operating in the turbocharger production and regeneration market. It has a unique influence on the creation and development of turbines through their design and care for the highest quality of workmanship.

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