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Turbocharger regeneration process

After disassembling the turbine, each element is subjected to:

washing with ultrasound as well as glass blasting and sandblasting.
Thanks to that, after the completion of the regeneration process, it obtains its original appearance.

We replace damaged turbocharger elements with new ones.

Then the balanced shaft with the compression wheel is folded into the body of the Turbocharger. We install new bearings, oil throwers, thrust rings and seals.

The body prepared in this way is balanced on the VSR301 machine. accelerate the rotor to 300,000 rpm, which after balancing ensures not only quiet operation of the turbine, but also its longer life.

If the turbocharger has a variable geometry, it is mounted on the VTR100 machine, which is responsible for regulating the correct exhaust gas flow through the variable geometry, but also for the precise positioning of the electronic sensor on the pneumatic actuator, currently found in most new turbochargers with the VNT system. This allows the motor control system to see the correct position of the geometry.

If the turbocharger has an electronic sensor - we also check the correctness of its operation. We repair a broken electric Turbocharger controller.

Then we make the final assembly and adjust the setting of the control valve (if provided for by the turbocharger design).

We attach to each turbine:

1. Final Balance Report,

2.12 months written guarantee,

3. Detailed Installation Instructions for the Turbocharger,

4. Variable Geometry Calibration Report - if the turbocharger has one,

5. Information about the probable cause of the turbine failure,

For each regenerated turbocharger you will receive a written 12-month warranty - no mileage limit.

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