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Shipping cost and lead time

Courier shipping (prepayment)

We ship the goods up to 2 business days after the payment is credited to our account.  


Courier shipping (payment on delivery)

We ship the goods immediately after receiving the order. We try to complete shipments as soon as possible. We usually ship packages on the same day the order is placed. It is possible to order a two-way shipment. Then the cost of such delivery is PLN 50.00, but no refundable deposit is added, because after receiving the shipment, you pack your old turbocharger in the same carton, stick the bill of lading, which is inside the package, and return the turbine to the courier.


When we ship the orders

We ship orders from Monday to Friday, until 15:00


When orders are delivered

Courier items are delivered on business days within 24 hours of posting. In the case of II delivery zone (usually extra-urban), parcels are delivered within 48 hours. Delivery takes place between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm.


What to do if delivery is delayed?

The shipment status can be checked on the basis of the consignment note number by contacting the delivery company by phone or by entering the shipment number on the courier's website: DPD: tel. 22 577 55 55,  DPD shipment tracking

Shipping cost:

  • PLN 25 domestic DPD shipping, cash on delivery

  • PLN 50 DPD domestic shipment cash on delivery + return shipment

  • PLN 20 DPD domestic shipment, after pre-payment to the account

  • PLN 70-90 shipping to European Union countries, after prepayment

  • PLN 0 Pickup in person, the possibility of installing a turbocharger after prior arrangement with our mechanic

Payment methods:

  • Shipping COD

  • Bank transfer

  • via Payments 24

Deposit for the old Turbocharger:

  • you can first return the damaged turbocharger, then we send you a refurbished one - then you avoid paying the deposit.

  • if you want to receive a new turbocharger within 24 hours, we can send a regenerated turbocharger immediately after receiving the order, then we add a deposit of PLN 300 to the price, which will be refunded after receiving the damaged turbocharger (it is enough that after receiving the new turbocharger, you will send the damaged turbocharger for payment of PLN 300) .

  • you do not want to return your old turbocharger? Then the price of the turbocharger is increased by PLN 300

  • do you already have the turbocharger removed? you order from us reconditioned with return shipment. We do not add a deposit, you only cover the costs of return shipping (PLN 50). After receiving the parcel, you pack your old turbocharger in the same box, stick the bill of lading inside the package and return the turbine to the courier.

  • you can pick up the turbocharger in person at our company's headquarters, then you return the damaged turbocharger without paying a deposit

Turbocharger replacement: We have on site  proven mechanics who specialize in replacing turbochargers. However, it is necessary to make an appointment by phone for such an exchange.

Free diagnosis: If you send us your turbocharger, we are able to determine what caused its damage. All you need to do is attach a piece of paper with a phone number and a short information.

Regeneration of your turbocharger: If we do not have your turbocharger in stock, we can regenerate your turbocharger.

You can find information on payment methods and account number  right here .

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