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Payment methods

How do I pay for a turbocharger?

In the case of courier shipments, payment is usually made in cash upon receipt. If you choose this form of payment, select "cash on delivery".

Payment can also be made directly to the bank account of TURBOCLINIC.

In the title of the transfer, please  provide your order number or turbocharger number, which will allow us to link the payment to your order.

ATTENTION!  We sell turbochargers on an exchange basis. The old turbine must be returned. There are several possibilities:

  • when collecting a new turbocharger, the courier picks up the damaged one. It is enough to inform us about this fact, then a waybill will be packed into the carton. The customer takes the regenerated turbocharger and the documents attached to it from the packaging, packs the old turbine into the same box, sticks a letter and gives it to the same courier.

  • the customer sends us his turbine, we send it back refurbished.

  • the customer pays a deposit (PLN 150-500), and after the treatment on the car, he sends us the old turbocharger.

It is extremely important, because on the basis of the old turbocharger we diagnose the potential cause of the turbine failure so that the failure does not repeat itself.

The turbocharger is an engine peripheral and rarely breaks on its own. Usually, it is influenced by other components, which should be repaired immediately after replacing the turbine, so that the situation does not happen again. Therefore, it is both in your interest and in our interest that we have the opportunity to see what really contributed to the failure of the turbocharger. 

Information on the shipping cost and delivery time can be found  right here .

Account number for payments:
PL 81 1020 4027 0000 1502 1359 0270
Our bank: PKO Bank Polski

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